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Key Facts About Avgas:


Unleaded AVgas

The combustion of leaded 100LL Avgas is responsible for
50% of lead emissions in our atmosphere (2010 EPA report)

FAA investigating AvGas

The FAA has taken steps during the past 10 years to investigate 77 qualified unleaded alternatives to replace 100LL Avgas, but 100% have challenging issues, until now

Unleaded 102-Octane Alternative Tests

Our 100SF fuel is the only unleaded 102-octane alternative that
has an approved ASTM Production Specification (ASTM D7719)

Unleaded AVgas

Our 100SF fuel has been evaluated by toxicology experts and
is safer to use than 100LL (which contains lead, a known carcinogen)

Unleaded AVgas

Our 100SF fuel has been tested by FAA, Lycoming, Purdue, Lewis University, Embry-Riddle and others, totaling more than 200 hours of high-stress engine-testing

Unleaded AVgas

Our 100SF fuel can be made from either refined crude oil fractions OR from biological sources (sugars, starches, plant oils, bio-waste, etc…)

Unleaded AVgas

Our 100SF fuel achieves up to 8% better fuel mileage due to its higher density

Unleaded AVgas

Swift Fuels LLC has an affiliate in Europe, Swift Fuel GmbH,  to strengthen our international presence in delivering high-performance unleaded aviation gasoline